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20 Images I love from 2018

As a sort of “Year in Review”, much like the one I make for my commissioned work, I’d like to share twenty images with you today that I have enjoyed making this year.  Starting from the beginning, I’ll share a few images I made during my last trip to Myanmar. After four visits to Mrauk U, I finally climbed the hill to watch the sunrise before catching my morning bus out of the town. It’s a beautiful sight, for sure, […]

Construction Worker - Shibuya, Tokyo

An Afternoon in Tokyo

On a recent trip to Tokyo to assist my good friend Andy Faulk on a shoot, I had a couple of hours to spare before catching my flight home and did a quick walk around the Shibuya Station and Daikanyama areas. Fitting in lunch, a coffee, and a browse of a bookstore didn’t leave a lot of time for shooting, but I still managed to snag a couple of frames that represent the area. Working with my trusty Laowa 9mm […]

Hong Kong Neon

Five Days in Hong Kong

I recently spent 5 days in Hong Kong with my wife for our summer holiday. Not my usual cup of tea, but certainly an interesting city. We were there during a large storm, so there wasn’t much interesting light to work with, but the skies were quite dramatic from time to time. These frames represent the city I saw during our walks around. Most were made with the Fujifilm X100F, and a few with the X-H1 / Laowa 9mm combination.

Jongno-3-ga Street Photography

Jongno-3-ga Street Shootout with Roy Cruz

Today’s set is a small collection from a brief street shoot-out I had with my good friend Roy Cruz back in the spring. There’s a video coming soon so you can hear our thoughts on this challenge, but for now, please enjoy the images. For me, Jongno is a familiar place, and so I was searching for the quieter moments in between to express the way the streets felt. It is to the older generation what Gangnam is to the […]

Fishing Village Chaos - Slow Shutter

Fishing Village Chaos

A couple of weeks back (June 2018), I co-taught a workshop with Etienne Bossot of Pics of Asia in central Vietnam (join us next year on the tour for some great photo opportunities, the chance to travel with 10 other photographers, and of course, a Larue or two!). One of our stops was a small fishing village on the central coast. Imagine medium-scale fishing boats bringing their cargo close to shore, small boats rowing out to collect the catch one by […]

Neighbourhood Boys - Tongyeong, South Korea

An Afternoon in Tongyeong

Tongyeong’s downtown is delightfully gritty. While the crowds are drawn to the mural village and recreations of Admiral Yi’s “Turtle Ships”, the alleyways hold the true gold of Tongyeong. The people here are very much alive and very different from big cities like Seoul. The people of Tongyeong know what it takes to survive and it is written on their wind-carved faces. “What are you selling there?” I ask the store owner. Oysters,” she replies. “Are they good?” A smile […]

Trishaw Driver, Yangon Downtown, Myanmar - Photographer

Yangon Downtown Morning #1

Yangon. Still hands down my favourite city I have ever been to. So much diversity, fantastic food, beautiful light, beautiful people, long history. The most welcoming city I have been to, and a place I can go back to time and time again. Take a morning walk around Yangon. You won’t regret it.