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Neighbourhood Boys - Tongyeong, South Korea

An Afternoon in Tongyeong

Tongyeong’s downtown is delightfully gritty. While the crowds are drawn to the mural village and recreations of Admiral Yi’s “Turtle Ships”, the alleyways hold the true gold of Tongyeong. The people here are very much alive and very different from big cities like Seoul. The people of Tongyeong know what it takes to survive and it is written on their wind-carved faces. “What are you selling there?” I ask the store owner. Oysters,” she replies. “Are they good?” A smile […]

Trishaw Driver, Yangon Downtown, Myanmar - Photographer

Yangon Downtown Morning #1

Yangon. Still hands down my favourite city I have ever been to. So much diversity, fantastic food, beautiful light, beautiful people, long history. The most welcoming city I have been to, and a place I can go back to time and time again. Take a morning walk around Yangon. You won’t regret it.

Photographer in Seoul

Jongno Districts of Seoul

Jongno is the old downtown of modern Seoul. It was what Gangnam is. The character of this district draws me back time and time again. The people are gruff and hard working. They come from every background you could imagine, and you never know who you’ll meet as you turn each corner. $3 hair cuts, $2 lunches, goldsmiths, and board games. That is Jongno for me.