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Dibrugarh City

Dibrugarh, 2019

Of the four trips I’ve made to Dibrugarh, this was the only one where I’ve had a moment to just walk around the city. Every other time has been a passing visit on my journey somewhere else. I’ve always wanted to photograph this small Indian city, but never really had the chance. Unfortunately, on the day I was able to head out, everything was closed due to a national strike and the usual hustle and bustle simply wasn’t there. That […]

Gayasan National Park Samseon Grotto

Gayasan National Park in Colour

As promised last week, here is a set of colour images from my time in Gayasan National Park. With only a few hours to shoot, I didn’t get nearly as much as I’d like to, but will certainly be returning to spend some time there. I hope you enjoy the images! Gear Used: GFX 50R, GF 45-100mm f/4, X100V, Haida M10, NiSi for X100 (affiliate links)

Samseon Grotto - Gayasan National Park

Gayasan National Park in Black and White

One of my dreams since moving to Korea has been to visit the Tripitaka Koreana, a complete wood carving of the Tripitaka at Haeinsa. I finally got a chance this year while on a shoot in Hapcheon-gun for a long term client. The post-monsoon weather was just perfect for a drive in the mountains and the excitement built as we sped down the highway towards the temple. Haeinsa is nestled in amongst dozens of smaller temples and grottos deep inside […]

Seoul Street Photography - Boozy Afternoon

Jongno-3-ga – Seoul’s Soul

Seoul. The city without soul. In the mad rush to develop on the surface and bring itself rapidly from post-war devastation into perceived modernity, Seoul had to forgo a lot of things. Only recently, for example, has there been a focus on clean and welcoming public spaces or leisure activities. The monumental effort to construct the city is, in a sense, done and the focus is now on making it livable. However, as this gentrification proceeds, the main streets of […]

Fishermen on Korea’s East Coast

I recently found myself driving along Korea’s east coast just south of Samcheok city. The light I needed for my morning’s work was over, but I wasn’t quite ready to pack in yet. So, I started taking the small roads along the coast and after a series of turns, found myself at a small harbour that hadn’t quite finished sorting the morning’s catch yet. Initially, the roadside fresh seafood market was what caught my eye. The store owners were just […]

Firecrackers Explode Around Throne - Bombing Master Handan Hualien

Taiwan – Bombing Master Handan

My first trip to Taiwan was an absolute rollercoaster. The visit only got finalised a few days before departure so the preparation was a whirlwind of planning and research about the subjects I would meet for Tattoos of Asia. My good friend, Marco Tessiore would be joining me for this journey and creating a beautiful film about our time there. It wasn’t until we landed in Taipei that the weather report confirmed that Typhoon Meranti would be hammering the island […]

A Moment in Guwahati

Guwahati was certainly not my favourite place on this trip. I’d just spent almost a month in North East exploring Nagaland and Ziro to meet the Konyak and Apatani peoples. In just a few hours on a sleeper train, the cool mountain weather and verdant rice paddies gave way to the urban grit and extreme summer heat of the largest city in Assam. It was chaotic, hot, noisy, and unforgiving in every way. After a month of peace, I simply […]

Light - Tokyo Trains

Tokyo Trains – 2020

Just before the world realised what we were up against with COVID-19, I spent a few days in Tokyo. As always, Tokyo was crowded and rushed. While it is easy to find a quiet spot to be alone in Tokyo, the same cannot be said for its railway system. The city is home to many of the world’s busiest train stations and at the top of that list is Shinjuku. Millions of passengers daily pass through that station alone as […]

Station Steps

2019-09 – Buyeo, Seoul, and Suwon

September seems like an age ago. In the 6 months since these images were taken, I’ve been going at a pace I can’t really describe in this current slow-down due to COVID-19. It was a complete blur until I got back from Myanmar a few weeks ago and I’m now just having a chance to reflect on all that’s gone by and flick through some of the images I made between all the chaos. Everything on this page was photographed […]