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Sanbangsan Sunrise

Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path

After last year’s cycling trip from Seoul to Busan, I’ve got a real taste for exploring the country on my bicycle. Before I start simply taking random directions and exploring the nooks and crannies of towns and villages, I’ve decided that I want to complete Korea’s “Grand Slam” and this trip to Jeju Island was a part of that. The official name for the cycling path that circumnavigates the island is the “Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path.” A few thoughts to […]


Cycling Korea – Geumgang Path

One of the most liberating ways to escape the grips of the pandemic has been to spend time cycling the rivers of Korea. The Geumgang Path makes its way east from the port city of Gunsan to the northern edge of Daejeon. The river winds through ancient Baekje territory and the modern administrative capital of Sejong. This was my wife’s first long-distance ride, so we decided to take it slow and enjoy the scenery. Day 1 – Gunsan-Buyeo After taking […]

Walking on Frozen Han River

Han River Ice and Snow

With a cold front coming down from Siberia, we had some of our chilliest temperatures in a while here in Seoul. This winter has been mild by any standard, with plenty of days well above freezing. But this cold snap froze the Han River and covered the ground in ice for at least a week. Even as I’m writing this, almost a month later, parts of the river still haven’t thawed completely. Most years, I find myself in South, or […]

20 Images I Love from 2020

2020 has been simultaneously one of the longest and shortest I can remember. While moments seemed to drag on forever, weeks and months flew by. I am extremely lucky that I have had work during this time and am thankful to everyone who has chosen to use my services over the course of this year. I have a complete look at the year in my business over at WelkinLight Photography. This year, however, I thought I would also restart my […]

Gyeongju Coastal Villages

I recently took a short personal trip to lock myself in a room and put a few days of work into my Tattoos of Asia book project. I looked up and down the east coast of Korea for small villages that had accomodation. These spots might be packed in the summer, but I guessed that with the winter winds blowing, I’d be almost alone for most days. The villages of Gampo, Jeonchon, and Najeong are exactly what I was looking […]

Reeds and Fog, Nakdong River, North Gyeongsang Province

Korea Cross Country Cycling Tour – Seoul-Busan

This year has been a tough one for a lot of us. For those of us lucky enough to stay healthy, life has changed significantly. As a self-employed photographer whose business relies heavily on international clients, I felt the initial wave of COVID-19 travel cancellations very hard. In what are usually the busiest months of the year for my family photography and event business, my calendar was barren. I’d just returned from my annual Tattoos of Asia trip which usually […]

Dibrugarh City

Dibrugarh, 2019

Of the four trips I’ve made to Dibrugarh, this was the only one where I’ve had a moment to just walk around the city. Every other time has been a passing visit on my journey somewhere else. I’ve always wanted to photograph this small Indian city, but never really had the chance. Unfortunately, on the day I was able to head out, everything was closed due to a national strike and the usual hustle and bustle simply wasn’t there. That […]

Gayasan National Park Samseon Grotto

Gayasan National Park in Colour

As promised last week, here is a set of colour images from my time in Gayasan National Park. With only a few hours to shoot, I didn’t get nearly as much as I’d like to, but will certainly be returning to spend some time there. I hope you enjoy the images! Gear Used: GFX 50R, GF 45-100mm f/4, X100V, Haida M10, NiSi for X100 (affiliate links)

Samseon Grotto - Gayasan National Park

Gayasan National Park in Black and White

One of my dreams since moving to Korea has been to visit the Tripitaka Koreana, a complete wood carving of the Tripitaka at Haeinsa. I finally got a chance this year while on a shoot in Hapcheon-gun for a long term client. The post-monsoon weather was just perfect for a drive in the mountains and the excitement built as we sped down the highway towards the temple. Haeinsa is nestled in amongst dozens of smaller temples and grottos deep inside […]