Dibrugarh, 2019

Dibrugarh City

Of the four trips I’ve made to Dibrugarh, this was the only one where I’ve had a moment to just walk around the city. Every other time has been a passing visit on my journey somewhere else. I’ve always wanted to photograph this small Indian city, but never really had the chance. Unfortunately, on the day I was able to head out, everything was closed due to a national strike and the usual hustle and bustle simply wasn’t there. That being said, I got to capture another side of Dibrugarh not often seen. I hope you enjoy the images.

Dibrugarh Banana Seller

Dibrugarh Street Scene

Construction Site

Chai, Dibrugarh

Trishaw Driver

Storefronts, Dibrugarh

Trishaw Driver, Dibrugarh

Construction, Dibrugarh

Tightrope Walker

Man in Street, Dibrugarh

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