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Sanbangsan Sunrise

Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path

After last year’s cycling trip from Seoul to Busan, I’ve got a real taste for exploring the country on my bicycle. Before I start simply taking random directions and exploring the nooks and crannies of towns and villages, I’ve decided that I want to complete Korea’s “Grand Slam” and this trip to Jeju Island was a part of that. The official name for the cycling path that circumnavigates the island is the “Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path.” A few thoughts to […]

Dodamsambong Snowy Sunrise

Getting the Most from an Over-Photographed Scene

I recently visited Danyang with my good friend Roy Cruz to photograph the triple peaks of Dodamsambong in the river there. I’ve been waiting on my schedule and the weather to line up for several years now so when I saw that there would be heavy snowfall there, I quickly booked a train and guesthouse to make it happen. 12 hours later, I met up with Roy in Danyang and we went to scout our location before the snowfall began. […]

Gayasan National Park Samseon Grotto

Gayasan National Park in Colour

As promised last week, here is a set of colour images from my time in Gayasan National Park. With only a few hours to shoot, I didn’t get nearly as much as I’d like to, but will certainly be returning to spend some time there. I hope you enjoy the images! Gear Used: GFX 50R, GF 45-100mm f/4, X100V, Haida M10, NiSi for X100 (affiliate links)

Fishermen on Korea’s East Coast

I recently found myself driving along Korea’s east coast just south of Samcheok city. The light I needed for my morning’s work was over, but I wasn’t quite ready to pack in yet. So, I started taking the small roads along the coast and after a series of turns, found myself at a small harbour that hadn’t quite finished sorting the morning’s catch yet. Initially, the roadside fresh seafood market was what caught my eye. The store owners were just […]

A Moment in Guwahati

Guwahati was certainly not my favourite place on this trip. I’d just spent almost a month in North East exploring Nagaland and Ziro to meet the Konyak and Apatani peoples. In just a few hours on a sleeper train, the cool mountain weather and verdant rice paddies gave way to the urban grit and extreme summer heat of the largest city in Assam. It was chaotic, hot, noisy, and unforgiving in every way. After a month of peace, I simply […]

Station Steps

2019-09 – Buyeo, Seoul, and Suwon

September seems like an age ago. In the 6 months since these images were taken, I’ve been going at a pace I can’t really describe in this current slow-down due to COVID-19. It was a complete blur until I got back from Myanmar a few weeks ago and I’m now just having a chance to reflect on all that’s gone by and flick through some of the images I made between all the chaos. Everything on this page was photographed […]

Circular Line Passengers - Yangon Station

Yangon Station and Circle Line, 2020

Unexpectedly finding myself with 7 days in Yangon was not something I was ready for. Having spent so much time there in the past, I had planned only to have one day to deliver my books to the various outlets a one day buffer in case flights didn’t work out. With a week in hand, I decided to revisit all the spots I had visited on my first trips to Yangon. One of my favourite experiences had been exploring the […]

Lightning Storm, Ha Long City, Vietnam

June in Seoul, Ha Noi, and Ha Long

It’s been a couple of months since I did a monthly round-up. I’ve been in Vietnam for a good portion of that time and shooting a few additional jobs since returning. Now that I’m finally getting a little space, it’s time to share some of my favourite images from the month of June. For the first few days of the month, I was in Seoul and shooting a little between jobs before heading off to Vietnam. More recently, I’ve been […]

Hanoi, Vietnam, Sunrise

Ha Noi after 8 Years

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t feel Hanoi the first time. It was my last stop on a South-North tour of Vietnam and I didn’t love it the way I loved everywhere else. For me, the chaos of Saigon was missing, the (almost gone) idylic peace of Hoi An Old Town was missing, the beauty of the Mekong Delta was missing, and the morning mist over the highlands of Sa Pa was completely absent. Hanoi just felt like […]