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Dodamsambong Snowy Sunrise

Getting the Most from an Over-Photographed Scene

I recently visited Danyang with my good friend Roy Cruz to photograph the triple peaks of Dodamsambong in the river there. I’ve been waiting on my schedule and the weather to line up for several years now so when I saw that there would be heavy snowfall there, I quickly booked a train and guesthouse to make it happen. 12 hours later, I met up with Roy in Danyang and we went to scout our location before the snowfall began. […]

Successful Silhouette - Separation

Shooting Great Silhouettes

Silhouettes are a great way to make effective photographs that can tell a story without showing too much detail to your viewer. By giving just hints of who or what you are photographing, you’re able to hold their attention and entice them to ask questions about what is happening. In this post, we’re going to look at four important considerations when photographing silhouettes. Look for the Light The first step when photographing silhouettes is to find the required light. For […]

Long Exposures over the Ocean

In a recent pair of videos on my YouTube channel, I discussed long exposure photography over the ocean using the Fujifilm X-T3. Of course, the camera isn’t important, but it was the tool I had with me at the time. Below, you can find some of the images I made, plus all the details of creating them. First, I’d like to start with a pair of images that demonstrate one reason you might want to use a longer exposure. The […]

Low Key Food Photography Lighting

Food Photography Lighting – Fujifilm’s Ramyeon (Instant Noodles)

When Fujifilm Korea announced they’d be releasing instant noodles as a summer gift for their customers, I jumped at the chance to have a little fun shootout with my good friend Roy from Roy Cruz Photo. After picking up a box of noodles from the Fujifilm office here, I headed over to meet Roy and hash out the rules for our competition. You can see the full video of this process and the shoot on my YouTube. In this post, […]

Smog as Atmosphere in your Photographs

Creating Mood in Your Photographs with Dust, Fog, Smog, and Smoke

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can only make photographs when the light is spectacular. However, there are so many other elements that contribute to interesting photographs. We’ll look into how atmospheric effects can play a role in dramatic images in this article. Specifically, we’ll take a look at dust, fog, smog, and smoke. Let’s get started. Dust The beginning of summer in Myanmar is a dry and dusty time. It’s the perfect time of year […]

Improve Your Photography with Composition

Three Ways to Improve Your Photography

This is the companion article to my YouTube video on improving your photography. In the video, I discuss three simple things you can focus on to make positive changes in your photography. The first of these is composition. Here are the images from that section. The second section is about light. Here are the images from that section. The third section is about moments. Here are the images from that section.