Godox AD200

Godox AD200 XPro-F UC-29

If I could choose a single product that has changed the images I can make over the last 5 years, it would be the Godox AD200 flash. This much power in a tiny package means I can take less gear and achieve more on location quickly and easily.

When I first started my Tattoos of Asia project (my first book, Hmäe Sün Näe Ti Cengkhü Nu), I was working with Nikon SB-800 speedlights. I needed two of these at full power inside a single softbox just to scrape by for the style I was working in. If one of those flashes had failed in the field, things would have turned out very differently.

When the AD200 was released, I jumped on it immediately – the power of 3 speedlights in a package that was almost the same size as one and high-speed sync support? It was like my prayers had been answered. Now, a single unit was enough to get the results I was after and a second one could be carried for backup. This, coupled with the easy-to-use XPro-F trigger makes this the perfect location light for me.

Not only that, but the batteries allow for 500 full-power pops and can be charged off a solar panel using the Godox USB-C charger. This makes them the perfect solution for trips into the mountains for Tattoos of Asia.

Yindu Tattoo - Chin State, Myanmar

Ng'hang Woman with Facial Tattoo

Apro Lee, Tattoo Artist, Korea

Apatani Shaman, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Konyak Naga Headhunter Nagaland India

India Konyak Tattooed Face

India Apatani Tattooed Face

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