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The Khiamniungan People, Sagaing Division, Myanmar

The Khiamniungan are a Naga people who reside in Lahe Township of Myanmar. The Khiamniungan were a warring society that fiercely defended their territories and tattooed their warriors as a badge of honour after battles. As with all Naga peoples, their faith has moved away from their animistic practices and their culture has become much more peaceful. Now, you will find children in school and former warriors taking care of their families at home. Both men and women were tattooed […]

The Guga People, Sagaing Division, Myanmar

The Guga, or Kouka, are a Naga people who live in the Sagaing Division of Myanmar. They are one of the less populous Naga peoples and have only a few villages in Lay Shi Township. They live high up in the mountains and bring many of their essentials, including firewood, from the valleys below. Tattooing was common for both men and women in the past. While many Naga peoples have a strong relationship between headhunting and tattoos, the Guga people […]

The Makuri People, Sagaing Division, Myanmar

The Makuri are a Naga people who live in the Layshi Township of Myanmar and also have communities on the Indian side of the border. Much like the other Naga peoples, the Makuri have a history of headhunting but now find themselves primarily as an agricultural people living peacefully among the other Naga groups. Unlike some other Naga groups, the Makuri never had a facial tattoo for their male warriors. It was common for men and women to tattoo other […]

The Wancho People, Arunachal Pradesh, India

The Wancho, formally headhunters in the area that is now India and Myanmar, share a common history with many of the local tribes though they may be less well-known than groups such as the Konyaks. Much like their counterparts in Nagaland, they are now primarily an agricultural society in both India and Myanmar. Few of the Wancho tattoo-faced headhunters remain alive, but they are proud to share their stories and traditions. While Christianity has taken place as the main religion […]