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Apro Lee

Apro Lee

I first came across Apro Lee when I was looking for tattoo artists in Seoul a couple of years back. Impressed by his excellent black-and-grey work, I followed his Instagram and kept up with what he was doing. Now, as I’m getting closer to completing my Tattoos of Asia project, I have started looking for interesting voices to add to the interviews with tribal people from all over Asia. Being a tattooed man, and especially having facial tattoos, in Korea, […]

Chin State Trip

This is a quick behind the scenes video from my trip to visit the Mun, Uppu, Ng’hang, Vet, Yindu, Kaang, Daai, and Hiatuii peoples in Chin State, Myanmar.

The Khiamniungan People, Sagaing Division, Myanmar

The Khiamniungan are a Naga people who reside in Lahe Township of Myanmar. The Khiamniungan were a warring society that fiercely defended their territories and tattooed their warriors as a badge of honour after battles. As with all Naga peoples, their faith has moved away from their animistic practices and their culture has become much more peaceful. Now, you will find children in school and former warriors taking care of their families at home. Both men and women were tattooed […]