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The Ng’hang People, Chin State, Myanmar

The Ng’hang people live on the banks of the north-west Laymyo River. To their south, the Lai Tu people can be found. Further upstream, the Vet, Uppu, and Hiatuii live in villages dotting the river. The Ng’hang are the most populous people in this area and their influences can be seen in many other villages. The Ng’hang tattoo, as with all Chin groups in recent times, was done as a coming of age for young girls. For many, it was […]

Brao Facial Tattoo Laos

Drinking with Hame – Laos

TAVEA TUM, THE BRAO TRADITIONAL RICE LIQUOR It would be difficult to find traditional clothing. That’s what we were told. The local government had one full set of female clothing, and a top for the men. That was all they had been able to find over the years. You see, traditional woven outfits take time to make and have become more and more expensive over the years. Cheaper, simpler alternatives in Western-style clothing have become the norm for minorities in […]

Truku Hunter, Taiwan

The Truku Warrior

AN AUSTRALIAN, AN ITALIAN, AND A HEADHUNTER WALK INTO A 7 ELEVEN… At half-past-five, my alarm rings. I’m not asleep, though. I have a thousand thoughts flicking about my mind. We’re driving from Taipei to Hualien today to meet a Truku musician. Typhoon Meranti is battering the island with record winds and rainfall. Will we make it? Our guide is expected to update us with weather conditions by six o’clock. I slip down to the 7 Eleven at the bottom […]

Printing a Self-Published Photobook

The Printing Process

My head is spinning, I feel like I’m going slowly insane with the rhythmic clacking that fills the air, Pablo and I are giggling like children – somewhat high from the fumes and running on pure adrenaline. This is what it’s like to be watching a year of work come out of an offset printer. There’s nothing quite like it. Wesley and I had set off for Myanmar 9 months earlier. We prepared ourselves for every eventuality with medicines, batteries, […]

The Konyaks, India

A short introduction to my time with the Konyak people in India.

Brao, Laos – Video

This is a short introduction to my time with the Brao people in Laos.

Taiwan Trip Video

This is a short introduction to my time in Taiwan with the Atayal and Truku peoples. It was filmed and edited by Marco Tessiore.

Lai Tu Trip Video

This video is a short introduction to my time with the Lai Tu People. It was filmed and edited by Wesley Chang. Pick up your copy of the book here and help me support the Lai Tu.

The Kaang People, Chin State, Myanmar

The Kaang people fall under the Chin Nation, as with the other peoples in this section. They can be recognised by their dotted tattoo pattern with lines breaking it, typically across the forehead, nose, and cheeks. They are also recognisable for their huge earrings. In the past, a woman of beauty for the Kaang people was considered one who had the perfect tattoo, many necklaces, and the biggest earrings. They are from the Mindat area of southern Chin State. Although […]