May 2019 in 65:24

May has been a crazy month for WelkinLight Photography. I’ve had only three full days off to post-process and deliver images. Everything else has been done in between sessions and on public transport as I make my way to a session. Still, I always find time to make some personal work as I move from location to location, and this post is all about the personal work I’ve made with the Fujifilm GFX 50R. The 65:24 ratio has been a treat to work in and gives me something completely different from what I make on a day-to-day basis. Here is a collection of images I made during the month of May, 2019.

While scouting for an upcoming family session in Anyang, just south of Seoul, I had the chance to revisit the areas I lived in when I first moved to Korea. Much of the area still feels the same, but it looks completely different. Cheap outlets have been replaced by expensive brand stores and people are living beyond their means. The street leading to the Art Park is no exception to this. Expensive eateries dwarf the old jeon stores and drinking holes now. This scene seemed an apt description of all of that.

An old lady takes a walk at sunset in Anyang

I also had a four-day assignment on Jeju Island this month, which despite (and sometimes thanks to) the pouring rain, was a great new place to shoot. Below are several scenes from Jeju City and a beautiful view of Hallasan from a cruise off the south coast.

A dry-cleaner's store in Jeju City

Gwandeokjeong with traffic on a rainy night

Hallasan and the Oreums

Old man waits for a taxi on a rainy night

Street scene in Jeju City

Sunset in Jeju City

Orange traffic cone in front of blue door

When I got back to Seoul, it was all go again. But, I’ve had a lot of chances to walk through the interesting streets of Euljiro again thanks to much of my work being in the Jongno area. The locals play hard in this district and it becomes obvious at about 9pm when people stop caring where they sit, or sleep for that matter, and just try to get comfortable. My good friend, Roy Cruz, has a great set from a nearby area called “No K-Pop Here.” Head over and check that out from a photo walk we did a while back.

A man leans on the subway wall for support after a few too many

Street scene in Seoul's nogari streets in Euljiro

Old supermarket in Seoul

Parking attendant with his hand up

Seoul Subway stairs

Exhausted commuters on the Seoul metro

Man and Vending Machine, Seoul

Smiling man, Seoul

I’ll continue these monthly roundups from now on in an effort to share more of my personal work. If you’ve enjoyed this one, please subscribe to the newsletter above so you can get notified when the next one goes live. In the meantime, have a great month!

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