The Mün People, Chin State, Myanmar

The Mün are possibly the most recognisable Chin people from afar. The women’s “B” shaped tattoo stands out for its graphic form and even younger women still wear it with pride. Apon closer inspection, their tattoo also has a distinctly green tinge to it. This was the sign of quality ink and girls worked hard to make sure their ink had the perfect colour. Sometimes they would go over their tattoo several times to make sure the colour was just right.

The Mün, as with the other tribes of Chin state, now live scattered around the Mindat / Kanpetlet / Matupi region. They are proud of their traditional culture and thus preserve it with fervour. Many still practice their animist beliefs and even perform egg astrology to read the future or determine the fate of a situation. Being proud of their culture, many villages have opened up to tourism and are willing to show their culture to outsiders.

Mun Chin Woman Tattoo - Myanmar

Mun Chin Egg Astrology - Myanmar

Mun Chin Woman Tattoo - Myanmar

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